Welcome to The Etiquette Institute!

Our mission is to offer entertaining and educational etiquette classes that empower adults and children with knowledge, skill and confidence in manners and etiquette for the 21st century that will contribute to their success for a lifetime.


Etiquette University Young Ladies

The Art of Etiquette for Young Ladies teaches young girls the social etiquette, table manners and personal style that inspire self-confidence in life-skills.

Etiquette 101

Etiquette 101 is a coed program that will equip the young adult to meet life's opportunities and challenges with confidence by teaching social skills, modern day etiquette and personal style.

Etiquette University for Young Men

The Art of Etiquette for Young Men teaches the social skills and table manners that will turn your lively, rambunctious boy into a gentleman.

Girl Scout Workshops

Every girl has what it takes to wow the world. Manners can help them do just that. Get the tools to make a fabulous first impression, table manners, and how to take care of yourself from head to toe to name a few of our workshops.

Etiquette University for Today's Teen Girls

The Art of Etiquette for Today's Teen Girls can help your teenage girl meet lifes challenges with confidence by teaching them social skills, etiquette and personal style.

My Personal Best

It's never too late in life to seek out self-improvement. My Personal Best empowers you with the social etiquette knowledge that helps you to be the best you can be in your personal and professional life.

Etiquette University Summer Camp

Invest in your children's future with this five-day social etiquette program that will empower them with indispensable life skills to help them excel in their future. Get the tools to make a good impression, table manners, successful conversation, being a good guest and host through learning respect, consideration and courtesy for others.

University and Corporate Programs

Seminars are customized to empower individuals to become polished in their people skills in order to outclass the competition, boost communication skills, enhance self-confidence and increase the bottom line.

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